My work is a painted collage fueled by memory, by colors and shapes of imagination and elements of inspiration that trigger this deeply felt urge to be painted.


I like to improvise, mess things up, leave sections rough and unperfected  and combine various features like abstract sections, blurred portraits, close-ups of certain parts of the human body and reduced, almost naive symbols and patterns. To me, the whole process of painting should feel like playing - it's a place of ultimate freedom.  As I combine contradictory elements and clashing colors I am always searching for a certain balance within the piece. My practice doesn’t involve sketches. I start from scratch and go by trial and error, which can be both: a struggle but also a great source of joy as it leaves room for the accidental, the unexpected - which is probably the most magical aspect of painting.

When it comes to explaining my art, I wish to be as unbiased as someone who sees my work for the first time. I'm in charge of creating the artwork, however: once the piece is finished, it becomes this thing that simply exists in the world and its meaning is beyond my control.

I think about the construct of time a lot. I am constantly exploring ideas of time, timing or the passing of time and how it affects us in our lives as humans. Time is something universal, everybody experiences it but it is abstract and intangible and therefore tricky to paint.

Though dealing with a phenomenon which is about constant movement and transformation, 

I like my paintings to generate a feeling of calmness. 


I am trying to catch a sense of time on canvas.