My work is about time, its passing and the impact memory has on us as humans.

I once read that melancholy is the feeling of loss of the present and found that to be a beautiful paraphrase so I trace this feeling in my paintings. The fact that we experience millions of moments in our lives, but each irretrievably only once, is my ultimate inspiration.

If one experiences bad moments, the passing of time is definitely helpful, according to the saying "this too shall pass". But if they are beautiful moments, they always have something bittersweet (at least in retrospect). Time is constantly slipping away, and it is impossible to store even the most beautiful moment in one's memory, because the complex experience with its range of sensory perceptions such as smell/feel/sound can never be recalled entirely.


When you realize that you actually have to say goodbye to the present every minute of your life, it hurts. We repress this inevitable transience every day in order to be able to function normally. If we were always aware of this, we would go crazy, I suppose. So I probably paint pictures about time in order to deal with the loss.


Also my aim is to create work that captivates the viewer with its quietness. If you go into dialogue, it should be like a meditative experience and a paradox: In terms of content, the work deals with the passing of time, its movement, but in terms of contemplation, it's almost like looking at a vacuum without time.

I am trying to catch a sense of time on canvas.